Biker Stories & Memoirs


A summary of write ups over the last few years of biking with my wife Trudie. Some may be in Afrikaans. If you do not understand the language, just enjoy the pictures.


-                     Baboonís Pass Lesotho, Dec 2013 Ride Report and Video Clips

The mother of all passes whether for 4x4 or moto - 20.5km long and a whole dayís ride, if youíre lucky.


-                      3 Transvaal Dams, Sep 2009

The 3 largest dams within the borders of the old Transvaal are Loskop dam, Hartbeespoort dam and Middle Letaba dam. We undertook an investigation in the water levels.


-                     800ST nearly stolen, Mar 2009

One Sunday night Trudieís ST was nearly stolen. And they tried again a week later


-                     A Road Tourerís Tale, 2007

Our first long trip with the new RT to take a picture at Cape Agulhas


-                     Beestekraal, Oct 2009

A small unused train station in the middle of nowhere has been converted to a restaurant


-                     Memorable Buildings, Jun 2009

We went looking at some old buildings in Pretoria and Johannesburg on a Sunday morning


-                     Canopy Tour 2008

A +-2500 round trip to Stormsriver for the Zip Line tour over rivers


-                     Canopy Tour 2009

Similar to above but this time in the Tsitsikamma treetops


-                     Womenís Day 2008

The Ladies take the lead over womenís day weekend. Men tag along


-                     Womenís day 2009

Similar to above but different route, venue and partakers


-                     How far can you goÖ

We went to buy some veggies and the event took a very different turn


-                     Soweto Breakfast Run, Feb 2010

Soweto is a former black city near Johannesburg. We went to visit, en masse


-                     Stokkiesdraai, Mar 2008

Stokkiesdraai means relaxing and idling about. We did just that, albeit in a different way


-                     England on an RT

We Visited England and toured the country on a BMW1200RT for eight days


-                     Europe on an RT

We toured Germany, Italy and Switzerland on a BMW1200RT for fifteen days during the last two weeks of July 2011


-                     Namibia North & VanZylís Pass

More than 5300km in 16 days with 6 fellow bikers and back-up 4x4ís. This is a ride of a life-time. Another tick off the bucket list.