Baboons’s Pass Video Clips


Before departure from Gauteng Trudie applied some artwork to the bikes taking on the black stuff en route. Obviously in total innocence


Riding the path one selects an appropriate line upfront and never realises how close one gets to the cliff face. Going down there will be a goner.


Riding is one thing and is being done in style. Then coming to a stop the footing is not always as it is hoped to be. And keeping a heavy bike up when it tends to go over that magical angle


After Vaughan’s fall his tag bag with water reserve got stored in the Cruiser at the back. When one is thirsty it doesn’t matter where the quenching comes from


And when riding near the cliff edge and the footing issue comes together thing nearly got very dangerous. The first video depicts the typical ride on the pass untill the last half-minute or so. The second video is my record of affairs.


There were also nice enjoyable stretches that made the ride up the pass so much more worthwhile